WWE Champion Big E sat down with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to promote WWE Day One on New Years Day and answer six questions. At 35 years old and having accomplished almost everything in WWE, Big E was asked how long he would continue to wrestle. He revealed he’ll make that decision based on how his body feels and where he finds himself in life.

“This is not a job you can do into your 70’s. I guess you can, but I won’t be doing it in my 70’s,” Big E said. “I think it’s a matter of seeing how I feel. I want to see in a couple of years how my body feels and where I’m at in my life. The thing is, we have a ton of guys who are married with kids. I am not one of them. Being WWE champion requires you to be gone a lot. The entire month of November, I had just three off days. Wrestling is a small part of the job. There are so many other facets be it interviews or appearances. Right now, I’m single and I’m hustling.”

Big E was also asked about what projects he would like to do outside of wrestling. He proceeded to talk about voice work he was doing on several projects.

“I’ve had the opportunity to do some voice work, which I love,” Big E said. “I did an Adult Swim show called Lazor Wulf. Me and some producers have had a Kickstarter for an animated project about the life of civil rights activist Ruby Bridges called Our Heroes Rock. We’re hoping to turn that into a series to tell stories about other Black politicians, activists, and authors who aren’t represented enough. It’s our goal to use animation and hip-hop. It’s the spiritual successor to Schoolhouse Rock. Animation is a great vehicle for young people to learn something.”

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