Four years after he returned to WWE, Bobby Lashley finally gets the opportunity to compete in his dream match tonight when he challenges WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at WWE Royal Rumble. Leading up to this moment, Lashley has had his fair share of both championship victories and questionable storylines.

Regardless of how the past four years have played out, Lashley emphasized he always believes in Vince McMahon’s vision.

“Sometimes you don’t always see what Vince’s vision is, but ultimately he has a reason for it. And instead of trying to fight it, you’ve got to kind of understand where he’s coming from,” Lashley told The Pat McAfee Show. “Is there a chance that the Hurt Business comes back together? You never know. And that’s not a spoiler or anything like that, anything can happen in this business. You know there’s always things that change. There’s things that pull you apart. There’s things there that bring you together. So I’m not opposed to anything right now as you can see with the things that I’ve done since I’ve been back. I’m pretty much an, ‘Okay, let’s make it happen’ kind of guy.”

While Lashley has his eyes locked on the Beast Incarnate, his future past this Saturday remains unknown. If he captures the WWE Title, he could be defending it against the winner of the men’s Royal Rumble match at WWE WrestleMania 38. If he comes up short, his next steps are significantly blurrier.

Regardless of how tonight plays out, Lashley hopes to continue working with Lesnar, but is also open to settling some old scores.

“When you get in that ring with the crowd, it’s a blast, man. So me moving forward, having the match with Brock, I hope we get to do a lot more with each other. Roman, Seth, Kevin, I would even revisit old feuds that I had before because I’ve changed in the business and other people have changed in the business. So I’m just excited about everything right now, man. Right now I’m blessed and I’m happy to be in the position that I am and I want to keep everything rolling.”

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Dakota Cohen contributed to this article.

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