Bobby Lashley Gives Update On When He Plans To Retire

WWE superstar Bobby Lashley was recently interviewed by The Ringer's Mackmania podcast. Lashley fielded questions about the Royal Rumble and the panel joked about him being a vampire and defeating father time. Lashley shared the secrets of his physique and how he stays motivated.


"I always tell myself this, because I still have the aspirations of throwing some blows from the cage or doing like a bare-knuckle fighter or something like that," Lashley said. "I still have aspirations of doing something like that before I turn in my gloves, wrestling shoes, and everything like that. So, with that being said, I always told my wrestling partners this and training partners this and my coaches and everybody this, 'don't let me be out there being an old man in the stuff'.

"That being, you see those fighters past their prime that just want one more fight and you see them out there and the last thing you see of them is rickety, trying to throw punches and get knockouts and it's sad. Guys in the ring that are still trying to do it and they can't even move, it's sad. Because you can remember that person from when they can do everything, and then it's like Superman with kryptonite. And you're watching a Superman with kryptonite trying to fight back, I don't want to be that guy."


Bobby Lashley acknowledged father time may have lost his address. While retirement is not on the radar of the All-Mighty at this time, Lashley shared some realistic expectations about walking away from the sport.

"I'll know when it's time to say 'when'. But that's the thing, I'm far from there," Lashley said. "That's the thing that like, tripped me out. Like, I'm looking at the years and I'm looking at what I believe I can do, and I'm like, 'I don't think I should be wrestling when I'm 50 years old, but I'm feeling so good now, I don't know'. If I'm feeling as good as I do right now two years from now, there's no reason why I can't. And my appearance also, if my appearance kind of fades, or I can't keep on the weight or if I can't run with these kids the way they're coming up, I'll take note of that. But right now, like I said, I'm 100%. I think I can run through anybody on the roster right now."

You can hear more from the clip below.

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