Chris Dickinson Says He Will Return From Injury At GCW Spring Break

Chris Dickinson announced during the kickoff show of The WRLD On GCW that he will return from injury at Spring Break weekend 2022.

Dickinson suffered an injury to his hip joint at NJPW Battle in the Valley while performing a frog splash. NJPW Battle in the Valley was November 13, 2021.


Chris Dickinson also shared an update on Twitter earlier this week. He noted that he was cleared by his doctor to up his workout routine.

Dickinson wrote, "Cleared by my doc to bring back so many workouts into my regimen today and even hit my fav machine first time since before I got hurt this morning same settings and time as before and didn't even break a good sweat! Time to grind it out NO WASTED DAYS. Can't wait to wrestle"

Ongoing results for The WRLD On GCW are available at this link here.