Colin Delaney Name Checks The WWE ECW Alumni In AEW

Colin Delaney recently spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he talked about facing Wardlow on AEW Dynamite. He was a victim of the Powerbomb Symphony on that show, which was was something he admitted was a throwback to his WWE/ECW days. However, the difference is now he's older.


"Right, I guess it was a little bit of a throwback," Delaney said. "But I am no longer a young man where I recoil as quickly. I'm not kidding, I've been taping my shoulder for the last couple of weeks. And my back is still sore from all that. But it could have been the chair shot too. I haven't been hit with a chair in a good minute."

Speaking of the old WWE ECW, where Colin Delaney first made his name in wrestling, he is pleased to see so many former members of that show now part of the AEW roster.

"There's a lot of WWE ECW alumni at AEW currently. So it's nice to get sometimes a little head nod. Like, real recognizes real. There's so many of them. Punk of course is there now," Delaney pointed out. "Matt Hardy was a former champ, Mark Henry was a former champ. Lance Archer, former WWE ECW guy, Trent, former WWE ECW guy. Referee Mike Posey, former WWE ECW guy, there's a lot."


Colin Delaney also spoke about his interactions with AEW President Tony Khan, admitting they've talked a bunch, with Delaney stating that Khan is simply a big wrestling fan.

"I actually talk to Tony Khan a bunch. He's one of the more approachable people you'll ever meet in your life, and he's just a really, really big wrestling fan. It's cool," he added. "I remember after the first time I did AEW, the one in Cleveland. I went back to the hotel with everybody, and Tony was there and was just talking old WCW Saturday Nights with Jericho."

Tony Khan is well-known for being a major ECW fan and even though Colin Delaney wasn't part of the original ECW Khan was a fan of Delaney's work in WWE's incarnation.

"When I first met Tony I was introduced to him and he was very excited to meet me. He was a big fan of my stuff on ECW and knew all about me," Delaney stated. "That's cool. He generally is a wrestling fan."

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