Colin Delaney spoke with  The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently where he discussed WWE constantly changing. He recalled a time when the company claimed only Shawn Michaels could throw chops. However, just a month later everybody was doing the move again.

“Things over in WWE seem to change like the wind seemingly. I remember one time where we did a meeting and nobody was allowed to chop but Shawn Michaels. Then like a month later I was out the door and everyone chopped. Sometimes it goes like that and they’re just real set on one thing. But that’s not forever, nothing is forever.”

Colin Delaney discussed the changes WWE has made to its hiring policy. With WWE now looking to bring in more athletes. He believes they have eliminated one way that successful wrestlers broke through.

“You would think when you look at the most successful wrestlers in history, in WWE history, they’ve all got these paths and backstories where they came up. Kind of the way that they’ve eliminated,” he added. “They are seemingly going back to a way that has proven not the most successful over the course of time. But I don’t know, who knows? Their company, man.”

When it comes to his own career, Colin Delaney believes it is filled with brilliant trivia answers. He then revealed one of those, which involved WWE’s very own Twitter account.

“Do you know I am the first Tweet in WWE history? From the very first tweet from the verified WWE Twitter account is something about Mark Henry beating me. My wrestling career is just like wrestling figure facts,” he said. “I’m a good trivia answer on a bunch of different things.”

You can follow Colin on Twitter @ExtremelyCute

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