Colin Delaney Comments On Taking Wardlow’s “Powerbomb Symphony”

Colin Delaney spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on today's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he discussed his match against Wardlow two weeks ago on AEW Dynamite. The WWE ECW alumni revealed that AEW only called him earlier on that day to be involved in the show. Delaney didn't actually arrive at Daily's Place until the show was in progress.


"I got called literally that morning and asked if I could be in Jacksonville that night. Because I am the professional at getting beat up I guess," he said as to why he was booked. "I mean essentially, I got a call at seven in the morning asking if I could be in Jacksonville that night, I hopped on an airplane.

"I literally got to Daily's Place an hour before I was in the ring, I got there, someone met me at the gate," he said. "They rushed me into the locker room, I changed and by that time Dynamite had already started, by the time I changed and came out."

Colin Delaney competed against Wardlow in that recent appearance, suffering a defeat. However, he believes that the AEW star is crazy talented and still has untapped potential that we have yet to see.


"I don't think anyone wants a second go-around with Wardlow," he admitted. "I think Wardlow is crazy talented though. It's no wonder why he is there and why they use him as such. He looks great, he's super talented, he's super athletic.

"For a guy his size, he can jump out of the gym, it's crazy. The crazy part about Wardlow to me is that there's still so much untapped potential which is insane to think about when you look at him and see all that he's already done."

Colin Delaney was a victim of the Powerbomb Symphony during that match. He admitted that he doesn't think any wrestler is a fan of taking that. In fact, the former WWE Superstar doesn't think wrestlers enjoy a normal powerbomb.

"I don't think anybody is a fan of the Powerbomb Symphony," he said. "I'll take that back,  I don't think anybody from a professional wrestling standpoint, any professional wrestler is a fan of getting powerbombed over, and over, and over again. I don't think there's many people that like getting powerbombed, as far as wrestlers go. So taking more than one in a row, nah."

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