On a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, AEW star Wardlow was on to discuss his big matches in AEW. Most notably, the first-ever steel cage match on Dynamite against Cody. He said that he doesn’t remember much about the match, but he called it the best night of his life.

“It was a very unique experience. It’s weird,” Wardlow admitted. “That whole evening and match is like a blackout. It’s hard to even recall. I don’t remember the entrance; the only thing I really remember is when I was standing in the ring, and Cody and I were squaring off when the bell rang. That’s the only thing I can vividly remember, but I said it in the ‘Road To’ recently, you couldn’t have put any more pressure on me.

“My first match ever on live TV, in his hometown, in a cage match main event – Cody Rhodes. But I will say, I most definitely have felt for a long time that I was ready for that and I was comfortable being in that position. And I knew I could perform under pressure, and I perform better under pressure. But man, most definitely the best night of my life.”

Aubrey Edwards noted how down to earth Wardlow is, revealing that he brought his mom to that match. Wardlow talked about how much that night meant to him and his mother.

“Well as much of a dream it is mine, it’s as much hers,” Wardlow expressed. “She wanted this as much as I did. She wanted this for me as much as I did, but I saw a lot of happy tears flowing that day, which is always a good thing.”

Tony Schiavone asked what his mother’s reaction to the moonsault spot was. He talked about the unique experience of watching someone dive from 15-20 feet onto you.

“She probably had a slight heart attack, as did I,” Wardlow admitted. “I’ve never experienced– there’s no words you could explain watching somebody come 15-20 feet down. It’s a wild experience.”

Wardlow also said that before the match, he had the blackout experience, like described before. He said he was very focused that night, and he noted that there has never been a move that he has rejected to taking, but there are things he would like to keep as a one-time deal.

“Well right before the match, getting ready to go out was probably the most unique feeling I’ve ever felt,” Wardlow said. “Once again, it was this blackout of just so many people were talking in my ear but I wasn’t registering what they were saying. I’ve never been so focused in my life and just tunnel vision. But when I initially heard about it, I was stoked. I was like, let’s do it! There’s never been anything move-wise that I’ve ever said no to in wrestling. There’s a couple things that have happened that I won’t do it again, but I’ll try everything once.”

Wardlow’s other big match in AEW so far was the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament match against Hangman Adam Page, where Page emerged victorious after a hard-hitting match. Wardlow called it his favorite match so far in AEW other than the cage match.

“We didn’t pull any punches,” Wardlow stated. “Cage match aside, I think that’s my favorite match so far, was me and Page.”

Wardlow later took Twitter questions, and one fan asked if there are any dream matches that Wardlow would like to have. He named two big WWE names, but also expressed his desire to avenge his losses against Cody and Page.

“This is like asking your favorite song, your favorite movie, or favorite match. There’s not just one,” Wardlow admitted. “I would say the top two would be Rock and the other would be Brock [Lesnar]. Aside from that, I’ve kind of already had one of my dream match, being Cody, and I would not like to– I need to do that again. I have two losses – Hangman and Cody, and I won’t find peace until I avenge those. I would really want to wrestle Kenny Omega, as well.”

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