One person that D-Von Dudley will always be grateful for — “The Game”, Triple H. In an appearance on Wrestle Buddy, the WWE Hall of Famer praised Triple H for always looking out for him, and for helping D-Von get his current job as a WWE producer/agent.

“I will always be grateful for Hunter for helping me to maintain my sanity during the Reverend D-Von character,” D-Von said. “There were times it was me and Bubba versus, say, him and Stephanie McMahon. He would come to me when putting together a match and say ‘D-Von, let’s shine you, let’s get you over.’ I’m like, ‘alright, great.’ Hunter was always in my corner, I never had a problem. And to this day, I will always say that it was Hunter who brought me in as a producer.”

Currently, Triple H has been MIA from WWE following a serious cardiac event. Like most people, D-Von Dudley doesn’t know just what’s going on there, but he’s heard Triple H is on the road to recovery and thinks he will return.

“I don’t know personally, but like everybody else, I’m being told I think he’s on the road to recovery and he’s doing great,” D-Von said. “I think people are anticipating his return and I think they are going to be very happy when they see him take his rightful place.”

While Triple H is expected to return to a backstage role, a return to the ring is a different question. According to D-Von Dudley, that’s a question only Triple H can answer.

“That’s not a question for me, people ask me the same thing,” D-Von said. “So the only one who can answer that question is Triple H. You know, so whatever that man decides to do, bless him. You got to understand something, he doesn’t need to do anything else in the ring, he’s done everything there is to do. So, you know, if he’s coming back just so people can say he’s coming back, that’s something that Hunter has to decide within himself.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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