WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page believes a Ronda Rousey vs. Bianca Belair match would be “money” and could potentially bring back dormant wrestling fans.

Speaking on Sportskeeda’s The Bro Show, DDP showered praise on Belair for her incredible athletic ability, and why a potential match with Rousey would “put eyeballs back on WWE.”

“I think she’s a bad woman (Belair),” DDP said. “I remember seeing her, before she had done anything, down at NXT when I went down there and did my program with everybody. When I saw what an athlete she was – when they had put together packages of her on what she had done as an athlete (heaves)… she’s got plenty of time.

“If Ronda Rousey wants to step up, the girl’s (Belair) money and will put eyeballs back on WWE that have nothing to do with wrestling fans.”

Last year, Rousey mentioned Belair in her shortlist of WWE Superstars she wanted to face if she did return to the ring.

As noted, Ronda Rousey is reportedly on the verge of making her WWE comeback, and could potentially be an entrant in Saturday night’s 30-Woman Royal Rumble. According to Odds Checker, Rousey is currently the odds-on favorite to win the battle royal and proceed to the main event of WrestleMania 38.

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