WWE star Doudrop joined the Wilde On podcast to talk about wrestling, positive manifestation, and a very wide range of other topics. Doudrop was married to her long-time fiancee earlier this year and she detailed how difficult it was to get married after she had been called up to RAW.

“Because of the travel ban and everything, when I moved to RAW, I had like two weeks notice to move across the country,” Doudrop said. “I was like ‘okay.’ Me and my husband, who was my fiancee at the time, we weren’t married. We had planned to get married, but obviously, COVID had kind of ruined that for a lot of people.

“So I said ‘would it be okay? Can my fiancee come out and live with me still?’ The office was like ‘oh yeah. That would be fine, no problem.’ But as soon as I got into America, the person I was supposed to deal with was like ‘no, you have to be married.’ I was like ‘when will I see my husband again?’ And they were like (shrug).

“So it was six months we didn’t see each other. I warned Kay Lee Ray of this situation, I said ‘hey, you guys got to get married now.’ And then she planned a wedding for weeks so that she didn’t have the same situation. Then as soon as I heard that people from the US could travel to the UK and not have to quarantine, I said ‘so in theory, does that mean I can leave after RAW, go home, get married and come back?’

“And they were like ‘yeah.’ So I was like ‘okay.’ So that’s what I did. I literally left RAW in Miami Monday night, got on a flight Tuesday and went home. Like however long it takes to get home. I got married on Friday, had a day together and we left Sunday so I’d be at RAW in Boston on a Monday.”

Doudrop first debuted on RAW as an ally to Eva Marie, who was later released from WWE, and has since struck out on her own as a singles competitior. According to her, she’s having a great time.

“It’s pretty awesome,” Doudrop said. “I love it. Honestly, it’s great, I’m having the best time. I really, really love it. It gets stressful because it’s very manic. Everything changes, I don’t get comfortable with any one thing because it’s going to change several times before the show is on. But you need to have the mindset of ‘okay, cool’ and just go with the flow and roll with the punches and keep it moving.

“Don’t have constriction with it, because if you have constriction, you’re just going to get more constriction. You just have to be like ‘okay, cool’ and just keep it rolling.”

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