FITE COO Confirms GCW Broke Record With Hammerstein Show

FITE TV COO Mike Weber has recently gave a statement to POST Wrestling about the success of The Wrld On GCW. The PPV took place this past Sunday at the iconic Hammerstein Ballroom. There was real anticipation for the show, which sold out before any matches were even confirmed.


The show sold over 2,000 tickets for the building. It was also available worldwide on traditional pay-per-view and the streaming service, FITE TV.

FITE TV Chief Operating Officer Mike Weber confirmed The Wrld On GCW broke the promotion's record for most FITE buys, "GCW show did very well. This is the best show for them, not for FITE. We did 700,000 buys for the Tyson Jones fight from a year ago."

The show was available on FITE TV for $24.99 U.S., but Weber did not reveal any specific details on how many buys took place. When it comes to the 700,000 buys, that was for the boxing exhibition between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. which took place back in November 2020.

The Wrld On GCW was headlined by The Briscoes losing the GCW Tag Team Titles to Matt Tremont, and the returning Nick Gage. As well as that, Jon Moxley competed against Homicide, Jeff Jarrett defeated Effy, while Matt Cardona defeated Joey Janela. Elsewhere on the card, Ruby Soho and Lio Rush were in action, facing Allie Katch and Blake Christian respectively.


During the show, Matt Cardona wore a shirt that said, 'f**k Mick Foley,' as he continues to call out the Hardcore Legend. The WWE Hall Of Famer then took to YouTube in order to address that after the fact.

"Matt took a shot at Mrs. Foley's baby boy last night with his interesting choice of ring attire," Foley said. "And while I appreciate the GCW fans flipping him off on my behalf, while I appreciate my friend, the Savage Gentlemen (who I officiated his wedding, that's real), who wanted to battle him on my behalf, the truth is, from a personal standpoint, I was happy for him. It made me laugh because I felt that Matt was done wrong in WWE. He reached for that brass ring, grabbed it, and was asked to return it.

"Ultimately, anyone who leaves a major company has a choice to make when they hit the independent scene. And that choice is 'do I just do the same things that I did, the same things that I was known for? Or do I reinvent myself?' I call that the Drew McIntyre route, the road less traveled. That is what Matt Cardona has done. He has completely reinvented himself and in doing so has become one of the more enjoyable and valuable assets on the wrestling scene. And knowing I'm playing just a small part in that reinvention, a tiny part, well that makes me happy. In conclusion, f*ck Matt Cardona!"