Goldberg Open To More Matches After His WWE Contract Ends

As reported earlier, WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg has only one match left on his current WWE contract.

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, the 55-year-old Goldberg was asked if he expects the upcoming match to be swansong.


"I'm focused on what's next," Goldberg responded. "If they want to come back to me with something, we'll talk. You never know what the future holds."

Although Goldberg's in-ring career is nearing an end, he hopes to "open up opportunities" for his son Gage, who was involved in the Goldberg – Bobby Lashley storyline last year.

"As a power wrestler, it's tough," Goldberg admitted. "It's not easy to do this at my age. But I knew that, and I said the hell with it. For me, the prize is worth it, and that's to open up opportunities for my son. If I can continue to do what I'm doing and continue to provide opportunities for him, then I'll consider this a success."

Looking back on his rivalry with Lashley, Goldberg thanked WWE for giving him adequate time to prepare, especially for their No Holds Barred Match at Crown Jewel last October.


"That's what I needed," Goldberg said. "I love Bobby and wanted to work with him for years, and we clicked. I was given more time to get ready for that match, and I was really happy with it. Not to beat a broken record, but that's what happens when I have more time."

When asked if current WWE run has hurt or helped his legacy, Goldberg stated that he feels "honored and privileged" to still perform for wrestling fans.

"I have cemented a legacy," Goldberg stressed. "It's been tarnished a little bit. There is a huge risk every time I come back, and that's a challenge I've taken on. But looking at the whole, I am honored and privileged to be Goldberg in the WCW days, and I am still honored to be doing it today.

"I'm the last one that should pass judgment on his career. I try not to look back too often. I'm not a fatalist, but I don't like the end of anything. If looking back brings me closer to the end, I'd rather wait until it's over."

Goldberg's final WWE match could take place either at the Saudi Arabia show in February or WrestleMania 38 in April.