During the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross spoke about AEW and the importance of the 18-49 television demographic that they continue to grasp. The AEW commentator mentioned why advertisers are drawn to the ratings, given AEW’s success in the past with those numbers.

“That’s why everybody lives and dies on the 18-49 ratings,” Ross said. “A lot of people don’t understand why that number is so important to cultivate and monitor. That’s what the networks sell, their ad sales target 18-49-year-old people. That’s why the 18-49 number is so important for all advertisers. The better we do ratings-wise, we hope at some point in time that Tony recoups and moves forward, and let’s see how that works out.”

William Regal was released by WWE recently, after spending decades with the company, most recently as the General Manager of NXT. Jim Ross spoke about Regal’s release, having worked with the 53-year-old in WWE for some time.

“Whoever gets Regal is going to get a hell of a hand, in any role,” Jim Ross said.

Jim Ross also mentioned another WWE-released talent in Jeff Hardy, who he’d like to see in AEW. Following his WWE release, Hardy will reunite with his brother Matt Hardy for the first time in three years, but it won’t be for AEW. The former WWE Head of Talent Relations talked about his conversations with Jeff in the early 2000s about his issues and detailed what it was like to release the Charismatic Enigma during that time.

“Jeff had so much charisma and he was so beloved, it really just broke my heart to have to deal with some of the issues,” Ross said. “That’s why I sincerely hope he gets healthy first and foremost and that he gets back in the ring, preferably for AEW. I can imagine the matches that Matt and Jeff would have with those tag team guys we have in AEW right now. I also see online on my timeline that there’s a lot of talk with The Hardys vs. The Briscoes or FTR vs. The Briscoes. The ROH Briscoes who I really like.”

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