Jimmy Hart Provides Health Update On Hulk Hogan

Wrestling legend "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart joined Stories with Briscoe and Bradshaw to tell some stories of his career. One story Jimmy Hart recalled was one with Vince McMahon in New York years ago over what the WWE owner and chairman looks for in a top star.


"We were in Pekinese, NY, right, I'm sitting right before we're about to go on and film 25 matches in that one day," Hart recalled. "And so right before we go on, we're sitting there, he (Vince) said 'you know Jimmy, I'm looking for my next attraction. Hulk's the biggest name we have now, we have great people, but he was our draw. You know how the territory used to be, everybody wanted a superstar back then. You had your superstars and then you had your up-and-coming superstars, but you had to earn it and try to get there, you know?'

"So we were sitting there and he goes 'I'm looking for my next attraction, somebody that can walk through any airport in the world, even a casual wrestling fan will go 'oh my god, look who it is!' that barely watches TV.' But they know he's got a look or certain presence that he is somebody that I can take, give a push for about two months, two or three months on TV, I can put them on the Today Show, the Tonight Show, and they can hold their own with the host, not embarrass the company.


"I can get my head on a push and they can make me a million dollars in merchandise in the one-year period. Hulk had it, The Rock had it, Stone Cold had it, John Cena had it, you know? And it's just hard to find those people that have that special something that people relate to."

While he's been managed and associated with many wrestlers over the years, Jimmy Hart is most notably connected with long-time friend and fellow wrestling legend Hulk Hogan. Hart gave an update on Hogan, who has dealt with many health issues in recent years, is doing.

"He's doing a lot better," Hart said. "You know, after 12 back surgeries and hips and knees, he's been doing so much better. He's been taking this therapy every week and it's been really improving him more and more, so he can get up and get about pretty good now. Still looks good, always got the hair, always got the tan, upper body unbelievable, and so he always worries about his lower legs. 'Now I gotta work my legs today, gotta work my legs' so I said 'oh please.'"