Jimmy Hart Reveals His Mount Rushmore Of Pro Wrestling Themes

WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart was a guest on the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast discussing his thought process behind the creation of Shawn Micheals theme song 'Sexy boy,' among other things.

"Of course, we did Shawn Michaels and Shawn, when I first did Shawn Michaels' song, he had his valet singing it, Sherri Martel," Hart said. "So then when she left, Vince wanted Shawn Michaels' voice on it, so I had to tape it in Texas somewhere, so I had to book a studio, take Shawn up there to do it, so they sent me the tape from New York. So I went in there and I overdubbed his voice on it, and of course, Shawn goes, 'I can't sing, I can't do this'. I said 'this is going to be great'. He went in there and knocked it out, maybe one or two takes."

"But we didn't have a girl singing it back up on it like I had down there, so I had to sing the backups and I tripled my voice three times going 'sexy boy, sexy boy'. So we tripled it three times to make it sound like a girl, so that's me really singing the girl's part on it."

Jimmy Hart then revealed the machination behind Dusty Rhodes 'Common Man' theme and how Dusty's request to include African American singers, horns, and cowbells, among other things, created a roadmap for Hart to easily come up with a song.

"Dusty goes, 'look, Vince came to me, he wants you to cut a song on me'," he said. "'I want you to cut one too, this is what I want'.

"First of all, you know how Dusty was very articulate about stuff. I said, 'okay what do you want Dusty?' He goes, ' well, I want some African American girl singers,' okay you got it, I wrote it down. He says 'I want some horn players,' okay I wrote it down. He said, 'you know, I'd like to have a cowbell on the front of that', alright, cowbell on the front of that. I go, 'what else?'And he goes, 'write about the common man'. I said, 'okay, write about the common man, the cowbell, African American singers, and horn players, Dusty why don't you just write it yourself, you know what you want!' He laughed, so I went, put it together, brought it to him, he listened to it three times, and he goes, 'I love it, I love it'."

Towards the end of the podcast, Hart was asked what his 'Mount Rushmore' of theme songs would be, to which he gave several, including Shawn Michaels' "Sexy boy" theme.

"The Undertaker would have to be on there because everything was just simple. {impersonates Undertaker's theme} Still, you gotta go with that," said Hart. "You gotta go with Triple H, drew a heck of a lot of money and I love that song that he came out to the ring to and I thought that was great."

"And of course, drawing the most money too, I always think about Hulk Hogan with the 'Real American'. You know that drew a heck of a lot of money. But then, if I could put one of mine on there, it would have to be 'Sexy Boy', by Shawn Michaels. I love them all, but if the fans let me put one there, and I'm putting it last, you know, Shawn Michaels."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw with a h/t to WrestlingINC for the transcription.