Jimmy Korderas Does Not Think Liv Morgan Is Ready For Top WWE Spot

Jimmy Korderas was a recent guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he spoke about Day 1. The former WWE official discussed the women's match between Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan, feeling the former Riott Squad member performed well, but isn't ready for the top spot.


"I thought she performed well against Becky, the match was good. I just don't think Liv, in my opinion, is ready for that spot just yet," he claimed. "Not from an in-ring standpoint. It's more from a character standpoint and working on her character and working on her ability on the microphone, I don't think she's quite there yet. To be at that level, to carry the women's division just yet."

However, one aspect he was pleased to see was the fact Becky Lynch got booed. Although, at the same time Jimmy Korderas felt there was a lack of pop for Liv Morgan. This isn't the type of reaction that he wants to hear for her.

"At least from what I was hearing on my television, there were some boos for Becky, finally, which is the desired reaction for the company but at the same time Liv wasn't getting that babyface pop that you wanted her to get," Jimmy said. "They were still a little bit quiet for her, which is not the reaction that you want."


Aside from that, Jimmy Korderas also touched on the return of Beth Phoenix. He enjoyed seeing the Hall Of Famer back in WWE. However, Jimmy also believes that more could have been done within this spot.

It was cool seeing Beth, but at the same time she could have at least come down to ringside, instead of just standing there, I just felt. Have her walk down then Maryse come back up," he said. "They don't have to have physical contact. Just that little bit, make her kind of back up and that sort of thing. Miz can then be saying, 'hey, you back up and don't touch my wife,' before he turns and eats a Spear."

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