Kelly Kelly Claps Back At Twitter User Claiming She Had "Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong"

The #4 entrant in the women's Royal Rumble match last night, Kelly Kelly, has taken to Twitter to address comments made about her after her return last night.

The comment in particular that Kelly responded to was taking shots at her appearance. The individual claimed that Kelly has had too much plastic surgery work done and it has "made her completely unrecognizable".

"Kids, this is a perfect example of plastic surgery gone wrong," the Twitter user wrote. "There was nothing wrong with her before & she was absolutely gorgeous & surgery has made her completely unrecognizable. Be happy with what you were given."

Kelly Kelly would stand up for herself, explaining how the way she looks is due to growing more mature and has nothing to do with plastic surgery.

"Literally I was 25 when I retired it's been 10 years.. no surgery once so ever it's called becoming a WOMEN," she replied. "..which obviously you know nothing about !! Let's do a 10-year challenge on you and see what you look like before and after sir."

Kelly was, unfortunately, the second woman eliminated in the women's Rumble last night, being tossed out by "The Blueprint" Sasha Banks. If you would like to see full results from last night, they are available at this link.

You can see the full exchange below: