In an appearance on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, former WWE stars Killer Kross (Karrion Kross) and Scarlett Bordeaux talked about their time in WWE. One thing both Bordeaux and Kross had nothing but praise for was the creative process in NXT. They described to Paquette how their characters and entrance were put together, with Bordeaux revealing she recorded her lyrics for their theme via cellphone.

“We were approached from the whole creative department in NXT,” Kross said. “The name that never gets mentioned is Johnny Russo, he’s the head writer in NXT. They had asked me to send over some of my independent stuff from YouTube. I had been chronologically just trying to log my career, and I used to create these short films and stuff about the character, so people would have some context of who this was.

“So I would send them my original stuff and I’d say ‘hey listen. If we plug this into the machine that is WWE globally, I think that this character would be original, new, fresh. There are different elements that I think can contribute to the show that respectfully are not there.’ I didn’t want to come into the show like somebody else. Just like any wrestling show, you want to have a healthy variety and different things going on. So I showed that to them, and they dug it, and they took different aspects of that and then kind of made their own version of that.

“Hunter put us in touch with Neo, who was the music guy with the company. He sent a couple of different tracks. The first track he sent, and I didn’t want to be a pain in the ass, but I wasn’t crazy about it. She (Scarlett Bordeaux) wasn’t crazy about it either. Hunter heard it, and he messaged me back saying ‘I don’t know about this.’ He kind of got a little more involved with it, and they came up with the track that you guys heard. Then he had asked ‘hey, would Scarlett want to sing this song?'”

“He came up with the ‘Fall and Pray,'” Bordeaux said. “Hunter came up with the ‘Fall and Pray’ and sent us the lines. We had a track and they said ‘can you sing? Make up a melody to sing.’ I was on my phone in my bathroom trying to come up with something, because I have a musical theater background. So they knew I sang. It was the pandemic, it had to be performed in front of no one and we couldn’t get into a studio at the time. So I just did it on my phone, sent it to him (Hunter) and he loved it. And then the next day we recorded it in the PC room, still on the phone. Everything you heard was recorded off the cellphone.”

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