Kofi Kingston Jokes That He “Might Get Fired Tomorrow” By WWE

Kofi Kingston is entering his 15th year as a WWE superstar in 2022. In that decade and a half, Kingston has captured just about every championship in WWE while also having marquee bouts at WrestleMania.


While the Ghana native is still able to compete with just about all of his high-flying maneuvers, Kingston does realize his career choice and move-set have taken a toll on him physically, even if he hasn't began to show it yet.

"Part of working smart is finding ways to entertain people," Kingston told Herald Dispatch. "I realize part of the job is to put the body on the line. Old-time legends come back and have that little arch in the back. Man, that's probably my future body. The body's not supposed to do what we have to do. The WWE Universe is amazingly supportive. I'm willing to make that sacrifice."

Kingston has noted before that he likely would have hung up his boots a long time ago if it wasn't for The New Day. His brotherhood with Big E and Xavier Woods both in and out of the ring gave his career a new lease on life, and he's been riding that wave for the majority of his WWE tenure now. Those eight years have seen Kingston win 11 tag team championships across RAW and SmackDown, as well as the WWE Title at WrestleMania 35.


With not many goals left to realize, Kingston acknowledged that retirement may be sooner than later, but he's focused on living in the moment.

"I'll know when it's time, I've done all I can do. Not having fun anymore, when my body might give out or I might get fired tomorrow," Kingston said. "All about the moment and enjoying the moment while I'm here. [If you're] thinking about the end, you're not enjoying this really unique experience. It takes away from the present. I'll treasure these days, cherish this part of life and try to enjoy it as long as I can."