On the latest episode of Booker T’s Hall Of Fame podcast, former Women’s Champion Lita spoke about AEW’s women’s roster. It was recently reported that the Royal Rumble participant was in talks with Tony Khan to join the company. However, Lita thinks that the division has only just stopped focusing on Britt Baker solely.

“I think they’re finally starting to add and strengthen that roster,” Lita said. “Because for a while, and this tends to happen a lot, something catches fire and then you go with it, and it ends up being a one-person show. So it was like the Britt Baker show for quite a bit there, and then they were like, ‘oh, wait we can’t just throw Nyla to the wayside after we’ve used her, we can’t throw Ruby.’ You’ve got to build everybody up and kind of keep it going.

“Watching them have some life on the women’s side of things because the men were so hot, they have everybody you could think of. But the women were really lacking so to see them put some emphasis on that. I remember seeing the hardcore match between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker, and that really putting the women’s division on the map over there.”

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