In an episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy that focused on his work with Hangman Page, AEW star Matt Hardy revealed his thoughts on Hangman’s match with Kenny Omega at AEW Full Gear. The match culminated in Hangman Page winning the AEW Championship after a several year run, and unsurprisingly, Hardy thought the match was a tour de force.

“I thought it was excellent, they killed it,” Hardy said. “I would’ve expected nothing else of Kenny and Adam, you know, but they went out there and absolutely killed it. It was nice to have this story that has spanned out over years, you know, to be pulled off in such a great, perfect match. Literally perfect between the match and the storytelling.”

Because of his love of drinking beer during the last few years, Hangman Page’s character has often been compared to Attitude Era stars like Steve Austin. As such, Matt Hardy gave his thoughts on what Hangman’s character would’ve looked like if he had been around in the Attitude Era.

“If Hangman Page would’ve been around then as a guy who was getting a push during the attitude era, you would’ve seen a guy who was sh-t faced drunk doing skits, I’m positive of that,” Hardy said. “That’s something that they actively tried to avoid, Tony and Adam, was having like, this sad, drunk person, who ends up being a loser because of his drinking. They never wanted to get to that. I think they wanted to put that idea out there that he had these self-doubt issues and maybe that did lead him to drinking something. But you never want a sad, pathetic drunk.”

To further the point, Matt Hardy also revealed that Hangman Page is not someone who drinks a lot. He credited Hangman wanting to be a healthy dad as the reason why.

“I think Hangman can drink a couple of beers, but I don’t think he can drink a huge amount,” Hardy said. “I feel when it comes to the whole ‘Cowboy drunk’ persona, it’s much more of a work persona. He’s taking care of himself, he wants to be a happy dad, a happy and healthy dad for a long time.”

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