During the latest episode of the AdFreeShows Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda, the longtime WWE referee spoke about CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society.  A former member of the group, Serena Debb teased, is reuniting with “The Best in the World” in AEW. Chioda also spoke about how Punk was the only straight edge member of the group and the company never had to worry about him not showing up for a show.

“It was like CM Punk was the only one straight,” Chioda said. “I think he was the only one straight at the time. He was living the gimmick, he always does which is fantastic because you never have to worry about CM Punk missing the shows, or getting too f***ed up, or partying too much cause he was always on his game. Cool gimmick, and he was like the only one straight edge.”

Having worked for the company for decades, Mike Chioda spoke about wrestlers over the years that have made him feel starstruck. The referee mentioned the reactions those wrestlers would garner, and mentioned CM Punk’s AEW debut in comparison to those talents.

“There are guys over the years, back in the day to Hogan, The Rock, Triple H, Stone Cold,” Chioda said. “These guys used to get these people off their asses and off their seats. When you see the whole crowd standing up, it was freaking amazing. Just their entrance, the whole place would stand up to their feet, it’s amazing. The last pop I got to see like that was CM Punk, he came out on AEW and that was the pop I missed. Like whoa, that’s professional wrestling pop. That brought chills to me, and I was very happy for CM Punk.”

In closing, Chioda spoke about a memorable time he smoked weed with Snoop Dogg. He also spoke about the time Wiz Khalifa made an appearance for the company during an annual test for marijuana.

“Everybody got a little turn in there. I think it was Orlando when he showed up at one of the WrestleMania’s,” Chioda said. “He had his own camper out there and he’d bring in certain tour buses, and campers, and everything. I went in there and met him, smizzed up a little bit.

“There was a bunch of guys, Wiz Khalifa in Pittsburgh, never got to smoke with him though. Everybody was jealous because we were getting tested that day for marijuana and we had to pay a fine for marijuana $2,500. The drug testers were there and here’s Wiz Khalifa just blowing big stogies, the whole f***ing hallway reeked as we’re on our way to take our drug test. Some of the guys walked by and were going to blame the hallway for breathing that s--t in. You can’t top Snoop Dogg though, there’s no way.”

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