MLW COO MSL recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc. Daily. He discussed how the promotion treated MJF during his time with the company, which was in response to Joey Janela’s comments alleging that MLW does not pay its performers well.

“You take a guy like MJF, who I discovered. I found him wrestling in a bar for $20, MLW wasn’t even back yet and I knew this was going to be one of the big stars that we brought in. He’s making 20 bucks, I can afford to give him 100. I’ll make him a TV star, his talent will speak for himself,” he claimed. “If he goes on to other things, congratulations, golf clap on the way out.

“Now what’s not publicly known, because it’s nobody’s business. But when he did start to click on the level that we knew he would, and as we started to grow, even though we weren’t contractually obligated to, we started paying him five, six, seven times what was in his contract. Because he had moved himself up the card but that’s nobody’s business but mine or his, or the company’s or his.”

MSL then spoke about how MLW always looks to find people first. He believes the promotion makes stars, as they focus on undiscovered or overlooked names when it comes to making signings.

“If you look at MLW, we have a reputation for finding guys first,” he stated. “We’ve always had that reputation. People go to MLW to become stars. Certainly, if there are established stars that hit the market, we are going to be interested in that as well.

“But our bread and butter has always been undiscovered talent coming in. Overlooked talent, for whatever reason. People can speculate what the reason is, how can a wrestler be so good and nobody will give him a chance? Is it his background, is it his appearance. what is the reason? I don’t know, but in MLW, I do know the cream rises to the top.”

MSL also spoke about former WWE Superstar and recent MLW signing EJ “The Judge” Nduka, claiming that the sky is the limit for him. He made it clear once again that MLW is all about giving wrestlers a chance to showcase themselves and their abilities.

“Sky is the limit for him,” MSL said. “Again, I don’t understand why he didn’t have more opportunities at other places in the past, but that’s what Major League Wrestling is all about. It’s a fusion of styles, it’s a fusion of personalities and cultures, and giving everyone a chance to just go and show what they can do.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily, with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription. 

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