MVP Reveals Female WWE Superstar He Wanted In The Hurt Business

During the latest episode of WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, MVP joined the show to talk about the upcoming Royal Rumble event and revealed his pick for the Women's Royal Rumble match. The former United States Champion believes Bianca Belair will win the match and revealed why he's such a big fan of the EST of WWE.

"I am a Bianca Belair fan and I'll have everybody know behind the scenes I was actually talking to Bianca Belair a bit about potentially adding her to an organization, a faction that I used to be a part of," MVP said. "There were lots of people talking about 'hey, you need a woman in the group,' and there were some discussions with Bianca but things went in a different way. I said that to say this: I am a fan of Bianca Belair and I believe that when you talk about the WWE Women's Championship and if Bianca Belair isn't in that conversation, I don't want to have it."

MVP continued to talk about the Royal Rumble and the match he's interested in most being his partner Bobby Lashley taking on Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. The 48-year-old manager called out Lesnar and detailed why he believes The All Mighty will win the WWE Championship at next weekend's event.

"Brock Lesnar is soft, I'm going to say it, he's soft," MVP said. "He works a part-time schedule, he's not on the road clanging and banging all the time. Other than him feeding his own ego, what's his reason for being champion, what drives him? Is he getting up and doing road work like he used to? Brock Lesnar is a multi-multi millionaire, he's won titles everywhere he's been but right now, what's his motivation? Bobby Lashley is on the road every week, he's in the gym everyday.

"Sometimes I literally argue with Bobby about taking time off, I say dude, you need recovery and Bobby says 'I do active recovery.' Google that, if you don't know what that's about. I think Brock Lesnar is the baddest man in the WWE behind Bobby Lashley because he doesn't have the spark that he used to have. It's all luxury for him. He's at a level now where he's dangerous to most people but you take a guy like Bobby Lashley who has all the ability and skill set that Brock Lesnar does but the difference between the two of them is that Bobby Lashley, the Almighty, has something to prove. Brock Lesnar doesn't."

On last week's episode of the podcast, Bobby Lashley spoke about his interaction with Brock Lesnar on RAW and revealed what part of Lesnars promo upset him. The All Mighty also said Lesnar brings something out of him that nobody else in the company can, putting Lesnar on a different level than anyone else.

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