Tw-time GCW World Champion Nick Gage has uploaded a new video to his Instagram. In it he speaks about his recent absence from wrestling while addressing his fans and haters. Nick Gage has admitted that he has taken time out of the ring to heal his body and soul.

“It’s the man, the king, the god of this s--t, and you know how I start this s--t off. Shout out to my MDK gang members around the world, shout out to all my boys locked up in the cells, Eastern block. And shout out to my hate club, rest in peace be their hatred,” he said. “And rest in peace my brother, Justin Pain. I wanted to make this video so I could talk to my gang members. I wanted to tell each and every one of you MDK gang members, thank you. For repping the gang the right way, I want to say thank you for support Nick Gage for all these f**king years. Because let’s keep it real, if it wasn’t for the MDK gang, I wouldn’t be hire right now and I wouldn’t be doing what I love. And that’s professional deathmatch wrestling.

“So I want to say thank you, I want to wish you, and your families and friends a happy New Year,” Nick said. “And remember in 2022, be yourself, surround yourself with people that truly love you for who you are. Find a passion that you love, do it at a 110%, with hard work and dedication. Because them two words right there, I’ve yet to see anybody fail when they apply that.

“Also, for the haters out there. The ones that shove it in your face and the ones that smile at your face,” Nick Gage said. “From me and my MDK gang members, first of, die slow motherf**kers. Second, you can never hold me down. You know why? I’m a fighter. They wanted to hold me down because I took some time off to heal some injuries. To get my mind right, and get my soul and body right. Once I did that, you start seeing people fall off a little that you thought had your motherf**king back.

“But I know who has my back,” he stated. “That’s the people, every time I come out chanting, ‘MDK.’ That’s why after the shows, I am bloodied and battered up. I don’t care, I stay after the shows and sign each and every autograph, meeting each and every people.

“Because I do it for you guys, not some promoter, not some promotion. Definitely not the money,” Gage added. “I do it because I love this s--t, and I love my gang. I’m going to represent till a new motherf**ker comes to represent the MDK gang. This is the king of deathmatch wrestling, this is the god of deathmatch wrestling, Nick f**king Gage.”

Nick Gage last competed at the GCW War Ready event that took place on October 23. The show saw Gage be defeated by Minoru Suzuki.

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