GCW’s Ninja Mack was a recent guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he talked about one of his coaches, Booker T. The upcoming star trained with Reality Of Wrestling during the start of his career, and he revealed what advice the legend gave to him.

“In the words of Booker T, ‘find your Romeo and Juliet. You’ve got to find your Shakespeare. Everyone at that level is athletic enough. What’s going to be your catch, how do you express your story that you’re trying to get out,’” he said. “I loved Booker.”

Ninja Mack believes it was a good thing because Booker T didn’t let him go wild. The GCW star was taught how to slow down and he claims the WWE Hall Of Famer humbled him during that period of his life.

“He was very good to me in the aspect of, that he didn’t let me go wild at first. He forced me to be a heel and work really hard and be that bad guy,” he revealed. “And I was crazy athletic back then too. So by teaching me to work and slow down, and get the heel concept, he knew what I needed when I was first started. Rather than just letting me go and do the crazy stuff. So, he kind of grounded me, humbled me with that.”

Ninja Mack then reflected on how he ended up being involved with Reality Of Wrestling in the first place. He got the chance to work for them because a wrestler on the circus scene noticed his ability. He saw Ninja’s ability and pushed him towards the industry.

“We would wrestle at the hotel,” he revealed. “Not saying I was a great wrestler. But compared to people that have never wrestled, you’re just kind of playing around with people, ankle picks, putting them on their butts. He was like, ‘dude, you’re good at wrestling and you do the crazy flips? Look at some schools, you might be interested in pro wrestling.’ I said, ‘where do I even go, how do I get started?’

“He said, ‘you want to be on the West Coast, you want to get to Houston or you want to be in Florida.’ I said, ‘hey, funny thing is, I am from Houston, I live in Houston.’ He said, ‘yeah, go look up Reality Of Wrestling for Booker T.’ I flew in on a Friday, went to Booker T’s school on a Sunday, and I’ve never gone back to the circus.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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