Booker T Comments On Cody Rhodes Possibly Reviving WWE Gimmick

Booker T spoke on his Hall Of Fame podcast about how Cody Rhodes is reportedly a free agent right now. Despite some chatter that Cody could be WWE-bound, Booker believes that the three-time TNT Champion will stay where he is.


"I just thought it was another news site printing something that perhaps wasn't true," he admitted. "Or was true in a certain aspect but, like you just said it might be a technicality or something like that. But the first thing I'm thinking, 'Cody is not going to leave AEW, not right now.'

"I think I heard Cody talking about his injuries not too long ago, and of course, he doesn't have a lot of years left in the business. But I would suspect Cody would have at least, three to five left if he wanted. Even if it was just him pushing himself to actually do it, I think he could pull that off."

Booker T then reflected on some in the IWC wondering if Cody Rhodes (as Stardust) could potentially be in the Royal Rumble. However, he made it clear that it is not something that will happen at the upcoming PPV.


"Let me tell you something, that's wishful thinking, that's not going to happen," Booker stated. "That's not going to happen in a million years. Let's not get people hyped up. I just don't see it happening, I don't see any AEW activity in the Royal Rumble or anything like that.

"There again, I could be wrong. But I just don't think something like that is going to happen at this time. AEW is out definitely on their own wing right now doing their own thing. I just think something like that would muddy the waters like crazy. The fans would lose their minds more than anything."

Booker T then went on to discuss the Stardust gimmick. He pointed out it was not something that Cody Rhodes liked, which is why he shouldn't go back to it.

"I don't know if you know what Cody really thinks about Stardust. But he wanted to get that gimmick off of him in the worst way," Booker T claimed. "He went as far as leaving the company to actually get it done. So I don't think you would want to backtrack and try to recreate that thing, because you can back yourself in a corner."

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