“Peacemaker” Now Streaming, John Cena Dances In Opening Credits

This weekend marks the streaming premiere of the new HBO Max series, Peacemaker, starring WWE veteran, John Cena. Three episodes have been released for fans to get a deep dive into the story so far.

The opening credits hold true to the wacky, unpredictable nature of the humor seen in Peacemaker and Suicide Squad (2021) before it. John Cena and the various other characters join in a dance routine as the theme of the show plays in the background, "Do You Want To Taste It?" by the band Wig Wam, as seen down below.


The cast includes noticeable faces like Danielle Brooks from Orange Is the New Black and Robert Patrick from films such as Terminator 2 and the television series The X-Files.

Recently sitting down to speak with, Games Radar, Cena gave some insight on the direction the series will be taking. He's excited for the series to introduce new ways of approaching situations without telling the viewer outright how "to think or feel".

"In Peacemaker, you're gonna see a lot of stuff that people can relate to in their lives, and be able to craft their own takeaways," Cena said. "I never want to tell people how to feel or think when they watch something, but I really love the fact that it hits on a lot of stuff about what family means to us, searching for approval of others, how to live your life, and nature versus nurture and how we're raised. How the values we grew up in can change, and how difficult it is to unwire some stuff. There's a bunch in there that is really gonna be good and fun to look at in the whole series."


You can see the full opening credits sequence, including John Cena's dancing, below: