Kim Orton, wife of WWE Superstar Randy Orton, and Giovanna Angle, wife of WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, have teamed up to launch a new podcast.

“The Wives of Wrestling Podcast” will launch via the Podcast Heat network on Monday, February 7. Emmy Award-winning sports reporter Jon Alba will be the host.

A press release issued today noted that Orton and Angle “plan on suplexing, RKO-ing and slamming the perception of how ‘Real’ housewives have been portrayed in the past” and that they will “pull back the curtain and discuss what it takes to hold down a household while their professional wrestling husbands travel the globe as modern day superheroes.”

Orton is pictured on the left in the photo above, and Angle is on the right.

Orton, who married Randy in November 2015 after being a member of his fan club, said her journey has been unbelievable.

“Life’s a journey, and listening to ‘The Wives of Wrestling Podcast’ will give you a look into ours. From being a fan of wrestling as a kid, to my kids bringing me back into the wrestling world, to marrying one of the best ever, my journey has been legitimately unbelievable, to say the least,” Orton said in the press release. “Giovanna and I live such different lives than most because of the people we are married to. But underneath it all we are just like any two best friends. Balancing our lives can be a little difficult at times, but we know just how blessed we are to be able to do that, as I don’t think either one of us would change it for the world. We are also really lucky to have Jon on board to help steer the ship so Giovanna and I don’t get too sideways. Spend a little time with the three of us and I’m sure you’ll see yourselves in a lot of our craziness.”

Angle, who married Kurt in July 2012, said she and Kim are very excited to tell their stories.

“I think this podcast will show the audience a humbling look inside our lives and our friendship that people won’t be expecting,” Angle added in the press release. “Kim and I are very excited to tell our stories and share the ups-and-downs on what it’s like to live this amazing life with our superstar husbands and families. We hope everyone will enjoy this ride as much as we will enjoy discussing it. And we’ll drag our buddy Jon along to try and contain us in the process!”

Alba added, “In my time getting to know both Kim and Giovanna, I have learned they are both loving, driven, and strong-minded family women. Their experiences holding down the fort while their husbands are traveling the world offer valuable life lessons to anyone who listens to this show, and I assure you they are wildly entertaining in how they share those lessons. I can’t wait for people to hear this completely new perspective on pro wrestling and celebrity life.”

The press release also noted, “Every Monday, ‘The Wives of Wrestling Podcast’ will host their personal Happy Hour and dive into a variety of topics from juggling kids’ sports schedules and extra-curriculum activities, to managing and directing the house projects, to having to flip the switch and be red-carpet ready for an event, and supporting their husband’s extremely busy schedules when they have to go back on the road. Orton and Angle’s no nonsense banter, sometimes raunchy humor, and endless stories of being married to two of the biggest names in the professional wrestling will make ‘The Wives of Wrestling Podcast’ a must-subscribe podcast.”

You can follow “The Wrestling Wives Podcast” on Twitter and Instagram at @WivesWrestling. They are also on Facebook. The show can be downloaded on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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