Renee Paquette Questions Big E Taking The Pin At WWE Day 1

In the latest episode of Throwing Down w/Renee & Miesha featuring RAW commentator Jimmy Smith, Renee Paquette voiced her thoughts over the results of the fatal five-way match at WWE Day 1. The match saw Brock Lesnar win the WWE Championship after pinning former champion Big E, a move that Renee Paquette wasn't a fan of.


"I just wish, given the stipulation of it being a fatal five-way, the fact that Big E did not have to be pinned or submitted in order to lose the title," Paquette said. "I just don't know why he had to be the one to take the pin. You know, I feel like it could've gone to, you know, somebody else in the fight. Maybe Kevin Owens? Sorry, Kevin.

"It definitely opens the door to see like, what's next? Are we going to get to see more of Big E and Brock? It does seem like we're going to see some Bobby Lashley and Brock, which I cannot wait to see. I think Bobby Lashley is so cool, he's just an insane athlete and I can't wait to see what those two do."

While Renee Paquette is fine with a potential Lashley vs. Lesnar match and Brock's new babyface role, she also questioned why Lesnar needed the title. Paquette believes that Lesnar is such a big star that he doesn't need the boos of a world title reign.


"Brock doesn't need one," Paquette said. "The thing is, is that Brock doesn't need it. Brock is not the kind of athlete or wrestler to need a title. He doesn't need a title. He doesn't need a title to be a draw, Brock is Brock. He's an attraction no matter what. But, this like, this sort of version of Brock where he's like, babyface Brock Lesnar with his ponytail and his overalls and his plaid shirts. There's just something about it that I think, I don't know, it's like this character evolution of Brock Lesnar that I think so many people are drawn to right now."

As for Jimmy Smith, he revealed that he learned of the changes to the main event around the same time everyone else did. As such, Jimmy Smith wound up calling the main event of the show, after the WWE Championship match had previously been scheduled to be before the Lesnar-Reigns match.

"I didn't have any more notice than you guys did about Brock and the five-way," Smith revealed. "So it's like, WWE was like 'yeah Roman Reigns is out so Brock is going to be in the fatal five-way, so you're now calling the main event'. So I went, 'nah really?' and they were like, 'no, really'. And they were like 'no literally, he's out, it's a fatal five-way, have fun. You're calling the main event and that's it'."


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