Ric Flair Responds To WWE Continuing To Use “The Man” Trademark

In a recent discussion on his Wooooo! Nation Uncensored Podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair looked back at legal disputes over 'The Man' catchphrase.

As noted, Flair took part in legal battles with WWE over the company using his signature term 'The Man' for Becky Lynch's character. He never did win ownership over 'The Man' despite owning rights to his catchphrase, 'To be The Man, you got to beat The Man'.


Flair says he is making his last statement on the matter, and ultimately, he is upset that 'The Man' wasn't passed down to one of his children.

"In closing, because I'm so tired of going over it, it's not even, let's say hypothetically the number one selling t-shirt for two years in a multi-billion dollar company. So let's just say they made $30 million. Right, I could find out, it's not worth it. Ultimately, the people who did that, to me, need to look in the mirror and know that I worked my whole career for that to belong to my daughter or my son.

"They got to look at themselves in the mirror. They got to say to themselves, 'Boy, we took something that he worked his whole life, his a** off for, made a joke of it, and gave it away'. That's all I can say anymore. I'm silenced on the issue, no more."


Another topic Ric Flair openly discussed was the cuts WWE has been making in NXT, including former WWE NXT Champions Karrion Kross, Samoa Joe, & Keith Lee.

"It's a business to them and I don't know the numbers, but if NXT is not making money, they can't keep paying people. So I don't know the answer to that, but I look at the ratings, you know, just like I watch every show I can possible now so I can talk to you intelligently about these things. But the ratings are everything, so who knows."

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