RVD Addresses Whether He Is In Talks With WWE Or AEW

During a recent episode of Café De Rene, pro wrestling veteran Rob Van Dam stopped by to give some insight into what it's like working with different promotions.

Over the course of his career, RVD has worked with ECW, WWE, Impact Wrestling, and many other wrestling promotions. According to RVD, each place had its own set of perks that came along with a contract.

"I always say ECW was the most fun for me. Part of that fun for me was being hungry and building, knowing my efforts are building my name and the company's name, and everything was so awesome," Van Dam said. "And then, you know, Impact was probably the easiest contract I had, especially after WWE, because I had a comparable contract and it was just to do TV once every two weeks. And that was sweet. You know, even though people would ask me all the time, 'Did you retire?' And I'm like, 'No, I'm on Impact every week on your TV'. 'What channel?' 'Oh.'

"WWE was definitely money and fame, more the money than the fame, that's the thing about wrestling. But they really make you a star like no other company can compare," RVD continued. "I don't care if you're wrestling 300 days a year — not that anybody is — or taking your own bookings, it still isn't like WWE. Boom, you get on their TV and you've got people in countries you've never even heard of that are inspired by you, and are imitating you, and are trying to buy your image on stuff.

"You know, that's only been WWE that has done that so far. But AEW is, you know, coming up, I don't have any experience to take from that. I always say if they ask what was my favorite, 'Well, do you want to know by money, by fun, or by easy work?'"

What does the future hold for the former WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam? He explained that any discussions with top organizations like WWE or AEW aren't happening at the moment.

"No, no, I'm not sure if you said WWE or AEW, but the answer would be the same on either one. Nobody. I'm not talking to anybody that's significant like that."