Former WWE NXT Producer Ryan Katz has sent out a press release detailing his next career move. Katz has created a website called, which offers business consulting and new music. You can see the entire press release below:

“During his 8.5 year run as part of WWE NXT’s creative development department, Ryan Katz has worked with some of the biggest superstars in the industry, and now he’s available to up and coming and aspiring future superstars through his new website and consulting business. As part of the team laying the foundational groundwork for future stars, Katz’s recent work has taken place outside of the spotlight and his influence truly has been known only by those with whom he has worked. Katz uses a multitude of techniques and motivational stylings to help a performer find their authentic and believable voice, ultimately guiding them to unleash their true potential and exceed it.”

“It’s all about building confidence and making the performer feel comfortable when they’re uncomfortable,” exclaimed Katz. “With this business being so much about learning and criticism it’s important to maintain enthusiasm and self-esteem through constant critique.” Katz makes everyone he works with feel inspired, excited, confident, and ready to take on the world.

Sitting under the learning tree as an apprentice to “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Katz was mentored in presentation skills and the art of communication from the industry’s best. In later years, Katz was able to travel with and learn from William Regal, one of the most respected minds in wrestling.

In addition to helping develop the next generation of wrestling talent, Katz is also bringing his skillset and charm to the worlds of corporate team building and seminars, school assemblies, on-camera performance, hosting, and even wedding officiating.

Always one to make the most out of opportunities, Katz will also be returning to his hip-hop roots with the regular release of his new hip-hop music video series on his social media channels with the intent to drop an EP this summer.

With an extremely diverse and versatile set of skills, take a look at how Ryan Katz can be of service to you, and help make your dreams come true.”

Katz was released earlier this year as a part of the ongoing budget cuts in WWE. After departing, he issued out a statement in gratitude for his run with the company.

“My run at WWE was extraordinary. The talent I worked with, the cultures I learned from, the international travel, friends, creative work, passion, dedication, and sacrifice have all allowed me to live my life with a smile on my face and love in my heart. I love the people. I love supporting the talent. Helping them make their dreams come true. Sticking up for them and giving them a voice when theirs wasn’t being listened to.

“I loved improving people’s moods, giving them confidence and in many cases talking them off the metaphorical ledge and easing their mind, so they could go do what they were meant to do. I got to work with some of the biggest stars in the world, and I had the opportunity to help mold and guide them to who they are today, and for that I’m blessed, grateful and humble.”

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