WWE legend The Rock has been involved in a somewhat random, but awesome Twitter interaction today with Sesame Street’s Elmo. The two sparked up a conversation about cookies and cheat meals. Of course, this is something that The Rock is notorious for, with his snacks being popular on social media.

Elmo tweeted, “Has anybody ever seen a rock eat a cookie? Elmo is just curious.”

Naturally, The Rock took this as an opportunity to respond.

“Yes, my friend. This Rock devours cookies. All kinds of cookies. I’ll introduce you to #CheatMeals and it’ll change your life. Tell Cookie Monster to move it over, cuz I’m coming to Sesame Street to kick ass and eat cookies. And I’m almost all outta cookies. – Rock.”

Cookies have featured in the past when The Rock posts about his legendary cheat meals. They are a popular part of what he does on social media. The former WWE Superstar often shares the meals he has, whether it is brownies, cookies, or burgers.

During a recent interview with  CNN’s Chloe Melas, The Rock revealed he has guidelines for his social media posts. He talked about the need to be authentic, and post with quality. The wrestling legend also spoke about the need for a takeaway from what he posts.

“That answer is yes. I still have my anchoring guidelines I follow: Be authentic, be real and try to make sure every social post has a quality and meaning behind it, offering some takeaway for people and being aware about never wasting anyone’s time with a b——t post about nothing,” Rock revealed. “But I’ll tell you, as we navigate our way through Covid’s harsh ebbs and flows, I’ve found myself trying to use a much lighter touch with my words since things on social media are so easily triggering these days, clickbait stuff.

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