Tonight’s AEW Dynamite saw a ladder match kick off the show to determine the Undisputed TNT Champion of All Elite Wrestling. Sammy Guevara, the interim TNT Champion, and Cody Rhodes, the holder of the original Championship belt, put everything on the line to entertain the audience.

When the dust settled, Sammy Guevara was the Undisputed TNT Champion and defeated “The American Nightmare”.

Several memorable spots occurred during the back-and-forth match, including brawling in the crowd as fans cheered around them. There was also a superplex off the top of a ladder near the start of the match, as well as a breathtaking spot where Sammy jumped from one ladder and executed a cutter on Cody, who was on a different ladder across the ring.

At one point, Sammy’s close friend Fuego Del Sol actually ran down to ringside and asked Cody to stop attacking Guevara’s leg with a ladder. Cody acted as though he would return to the ring and focus on grabbing the belts, but he instead hit a modified pedigree on Fuego. He tried to do the same on Sammy, but he instead gets thrown to the outside and hit with a Go To Hell finisher.

As the match was reaching it’s conclusion, Sammy set Cody up horizontally on a ladder outside of the ring. He then climbed on top of a 20 ft. ladder and jumped all the way down onto Cody with a swanton splash. He writhed in pain as he crawled back into the ring, but as he nearly made it to the top of the ladder, Cody somehow recovered enough to also climb up. They brawled on top of the ladder until Sammy got the upper hand by slamming the TNT title into Cody’s head.

This is Sammy’s second reign with the TNT Championship. He first won the Championship from Miro on the September 29, 2021 episode of Dynamite and then subsequentially lost it to Cody Rhodes in December.

You can check out full coverage of tonight’s show at this link.

You can see highlights below:



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