W. Morrissey On The Possibility Of Reuniting With Enzo

IMPACT Wrestling star W. Morrissey has looked the part since his in-ring return. Morrissey credits the new lifestyle changes he's made for his physical and mental improvements.

"Man I think after everything that I've been through, my number one goal was to stay healthy, was to keep my heart healthy, my lungs healthy, my mind healthy," W. Morrissey told the Battleground podcast . "Life is too short, man, and it can end at an instant. Now I do, you know, dabble with the junk food here and there and sometimes I may drink a little too much coffee or whatever, but yeah, my health comes first, especially my mental health.

"Another thing for me that's extremely therapeutic for me is the gym," W. Morrissey continued. "If I'm having a bad day mentally, I go to the gym and that definitely alleviates a lot of the stress. So for me, when that's part of my medicine it's going to be hard to not be in good shape or to not keep getting in better and better shape because I'm going to be in the gym a lot and it's not just to make my body look good, but it's to help my mind. So yeah, I just have a whole new appreciation for life and the people around and have a whole new outlook."

W. Morrissey made his Impact Wrestling debut during the Impact Rebellion pay-per-view back in April 2021. He teamed with Violent By Design to defeat Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack, James Storm, and Chris Sabin.

Although his debut was met with much fanfare, fans couldn't help but wonder if a reunion with former tag team partner Enzo Amore was imminent. Unfortunately, those rumors were shot down by Enzo on Twitter before it could gain any steam. But that doesn't stop some from wondering if the two would team up again soon.

"I wouldn't want to go back to tag team full time," Morrissey stated. "There is somewhere down the line for me and Enzo to get back together, but I'm focused on a single run right now. I think it's what I've always wanted. I think it's what I've been destined to do and I just need to take advantage of the opportunities now. I had a lot of opportunities thrown my way that I've wasted, and that's something I have to go to sleep with, knowing that.

"But yeah, I think the opportunity is there for me to succeed as a singles star, and I think it's going to happen," Morrissey continued. "I think we're in the process of watching it happen. So for me going forward, singles is the way to go because I think for me right now, where I'm at mentally, spiritually, emotionally, I think it's a way better fit for me to be out there on my own."

The door isn't completely closed on a potential reunion between the two. But right now, Morrissey is focused on more important things, like becoming the new IMPACT World champion.

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