Edge vs. The Miz

We go back to the ring and out first comes The Miz with Maryse. They hit the ring and pose together, and then kiss, which Saxton doesn’t want to see. The Brood’s music hits next as the red lights fall over the arena. WWE Hall of Famer Edge rises up from under the stage and then makes his entrance as Miz and Maryse look on. Edge stops half-way to the ring, the lights go out and then come back on as “Metalingus” starts up and The Rated R Superstar heads to the ring.

The bell rings as they size each other up. They lock up and Edge applies a headlock. They go at it and Miz lands a big arm drag. Miz poses in the corner, taunting the crowd, and they loudly boo him. Miz plays to the crowd as he and Edge circle each other again. Edge applies the headlock now. They trade moves and Edge covers for 2. Edge goes for a Crossface but Miz scrambles and breaks it. They go to the corner but Miz fights Edge off and drops him.

Miz with a kick to keep Edge down as Maryse looks on, all smiles from ringside. They trade pin attempts and Edge goes for a Crossface again but Miz gets away. They run the ropes again and Miz tosses Edge to the floor. Miz leaps out but Edge side-steps. Maryse comes over and yells at Edge. Miz takes advantage of the distraction and sends Edge into the barrier. Fans boo as Maryse taunts some more while Miz keeps control at ringside. Miz brings it back in and goes to the top for a double axe handle. Miz takes his time and puts a boot to Edge’s face as fans boo.

Miz keeps Edge down, working him over. Miz with a submission to work on the leg and knee now. Edge gets up and they trade strikes. Miz charges into the corner with a clothesline but he hits the turnbuckle as Edge moves. Edge with the Edgecution DDT from the second rope out of the corner. Miz kicks out at 2. More back and forth now. Miz charges but Edge catches him with a side-slam for a 2 count. Edge sells a hurt leg due to the earlier offense by Miz.

Miz blocks a move from behind but Edge blocks the Skull Crushing Finale. They tangle and Miz drops Edge with a DDT for another close 2 count. Miz argues with the referee about the count. Fans rally for Edge while he’s on his knees, taking It Kicks from Miz now. Miz unloads with the It Kicks to the chest. He stops and plays to the crowd for louder boos. Edge rolls Miz up for a close 2 count. Miz blocks another Crossface attempt, then tosses Edge through the ropes to the floor.

Maryse approaches Edge at ringside. Miz tries to take advantage but Edge drops him on the apron. Edge drops Miz face-first into the floor with a big DDT from the apron. Edge sells the hurt knee again due to the bad landing on the DDT. The referee counts but Edge brings it back in for another pin attempt. Miz ends up pulling Edge off the apron, sending him face-first into the edge of it. Miz slams Edge face-first into the announce table several times, yelling about respect. Miz returns to the ring by himself, posing to boos from the crowd. Edge is still down at ringside. Miz goes back out and is now on top of the announce table. Miz goes for a Skull Crushing Finale on top of the table but Edge counters and plants Miz face-first into the table. Edge brings it back into the ring and goes to the top.

Edge flies with a big crossbody but Miz kicks out just in time. They tangle and Edge blocks the Skull Crushing Finale, rolling Miz for a 2 count. Edge kicks away the Figure Four submission. Edge rolls Miz up but Miz kicks out and sends him head-first into the ring post. Miz with a chop block from behind to take Edge down. Miz applies the Figure Four now.

Edge sits up and stares Miz down while still in the hold. Miz is worried. Edge tries to turn the Figure Four over. He keeps trying and finally turns Miz over. Miz yells out and reaches for the ropes. Miz tries to turn this into the STF. They tangle some more on the mat, going back and forth, until Miz re-positions and sends Edge face-first into the turnbuckle. Miz rolls Edge up but uses the ropes for leverage. The referee catches him and stops the count. Fans boo and the referee reprimands Miz. Miz goes for the Figure Four again but Edge counters and brings him down, trying to get the Crossface applied.

Edge gets a modified Crossface applied in the middle of the ring now. Miz resists but starts to fade now as the referee checks on him. Miz turns it over but Edge counters that and tightens the hold. Maryse pulls the leg of her husband and puts it on the bottom rope to break the hold. Fans boo. Maryse helps Miz to the floor and tends to him. Edge pulls Miz by his hair from the ring but Miz yanks him down over the top rope. Edge returns to the ring and counters, then goes for the backbreaker neckbreaker combo but the second part is blocked. They tangle and both connect with a big boot in the middle of the ring. Edge and Miz are both down now. Maryse encourages Miz as he starts to crawl her way. They both get up and trade strikes.

Edge unloads with right hands but Miz keeps kicking. Miz unloads with It Kicks into the corner now. Miz with the running corner clothesline. Edge is flat on his back as Miz goes back to the top. Edge jumps up and nails a right hand. Edge climbs up with The Miz and keeps pounding on him. Edge with a super hip toss from the top but they both land hard. Edge gets up and he’s big-eyed now, staring out at the crowd. Edge charges with a Spear but Miz moves, lands bad on his knee, and Edge runs into the corner. Maryse slaps Edge in the corner, and Miz takes advantage with a Skull Crushing Finale. Edge still kicks out and Miz can’t believe it. Maryse is on the apron now, yelling at the referee.

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix appears on the stage now and she’s seething. Maryse turns around and sees this. Beth rushes to the ring and chases Maryse around it as her music plays. Maryse retreats to the back as Beth stops at ringside, and turns her attention to The Miz. Beth and Miz have some words but Miz turns around to a huge Spear from Edge for the pin to win while Maryse stops and looks on from the entrance-way.

Winner: Edge

This is from our live coverage of the WWE Day 1 pay-per-view. You can click here to access our full results and Viewing Party…

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