WWE Superstar AJ Styles recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman at the WWW Royal Rumble media row in St. Louis. The Rumble is the PPV that he debuted in for the company back in 2016. He admitted that there were a lot of nerves for him before heading out.

“Listen, I was 37 years old and I was scared to death that nobody was going to know who I was,” he admitted. “I was a guy who was on the indies and I was in New Japan, but it’s different. It’s WWE, so I didn’t know what to expect, and, man, was I excited to hear the fans when I walked out. It was amazing.”

AJ Styles has been able to work closely with Vince McMahon since that point. The WWE Chairman has a reputation for being tough to deal with but the former WWE Champion has had a different experience.

“I love it,” he said on working with Vince. “So many things I had heard about him in the past, and then I go and meet this man, and we get along great. It’s one of those things if you go up to him and you’re honest, and you’re professional, you have no problems.”

AJ Styles also spoke about the promos that wrestlers are given. There have often been reports that WWE Superstars have to read scripts word for word. However, the former TNA star stated that isn’t the case, as he tweaks his content.

“I take what’s given, and sure I’ll suggest things, but I take what’s given and make it my own. A lot of people say, ‘word for word,’ but that’s not me, because the writers are not from Gainsville, Georgia, so that’s not how AJ Styles will talk in a promo. I have to change it and make it my own. And truth is, it is a lot easier to remember if you do that. There’s a lot of things being said about that, and I’ll just make sure everybody knows the facts. I don’t say it word for word. I do not do it.”

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