WWE Hall Of Famer Announced For Crowd-Funded Crime Drama

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart is set to star in a new crime drama film.

It was announced today that The Hitman will start in the feature film crime drama called "The Outlaw Murders," which is being crowd-funded.

Hart will star as an experienced police detective, Inspector Carlisle, with a checkered past. Official promotional material for the movie notes that Hart's character "has been tasked with conducting an investigation of a mass murder involving a biker gang he was once a part of. Employing an improvisational technique the mystery behind the murders will unfold throughout the picture as a unique cast of characters share their personal versions of the events under the pressure of a police interrogation. The film will cut back and forth between depictions of the present day investigation, the past events surrounding the murders and the back-story behind each character. The Outlaw Murders will provide the audience with a healthy blend of who-done-it mystery, deep character study, dark humor and action packed gunplay."

"The Outlaw Murders" is being crowd-funded via Indiegogo from February 1 – April 2 at the following link. As of this writing, the film has raised $0 of a fixed goal of $102,556. The Indigogo page includes details on several perks, including the Hitman Highway Video Game. The page also has details on the directors, their film-making methods, and more. The brothers previously released the "Muskie Point" movie, which you can watch for free on Tubi via this link.

Stay tuned for more on the film. Below is official promotional material for the film, sent to us today by the directors, along with clips of Bret and Director Stephen Sewell discussing the film:

Every man has a past. For some it can provide a source of inspiration, for others it would soon be forgotten. In the case of Inspector Carlisle (Bret Hart) in The Outlaw Murders the story lands somewhere in between. Introduced to the outlaw biker life by his father, Carlisle seemed destined to a life of criminality and lawlessness. Things took a dramatic turn when his father succumbed to a drug overdose during a period of incarceration. Determined to avoid a similar unwelcome fate, Carlisle rejected the criminal biker world and joined the local police force. Now, after several decades of dedicated public service, he must come face to face with his past when he is assigned to investigate a mass murder involving associates from his earlier biker days. Forced to sort through a puzzle of blood, bodies, bikes and bullets, Inspector Carlisle's investigative skills and experience will be put to a test that will define his life in law enforcement.

For over two decades, Bret Hart thrilled audiences the world over having been the main attraction for some of the largest and most high profile professional wrestling events in the world. Winning multiple championships in both the single and tag team circuits, Bret lived up to his well-earned nicknames of "the excellence of execution" and "the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be." As an actor, he's worked across multiple mediums including playing the role of Luther Root on the television series Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years as well as portraying himself in cartoon form in a hilarious and quotable guest appearance on The Simpsons. A man of many talents, Bret is also a published author having published an autobiography in 2007, titled Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling.

Filmmakers Ian, Stephen and Eric Sewell grew up on a rural property in Langley, British Columbia Canada. Their enthusiasm for filmmaking began in their early teens when they first got their hands on a camcorder. Starting off with shorts that spoofed popular genres involving ninjas and police, the brothers eventually moved onto more ambitious feature length projects. This eventually led into the professional world with the commercial release of their previous films 100 Miles from Hell and Muskie Point.

All donations to The Outlaw Murders crowdfunding campaign over $10 will receive a copy of the video game Hitman Highway starring Bret Hart for both PC and Android devices. Hitman Highway is a fun high score based driving game where you shoot and manoeuvre your car through a variety of enemies and obstacles.