CM Punk On Struggling With His AEW Ring Gear

Since the shocking return of CM Punk to the professional wrestling business in AEW, the former WWE Champion has yet to find ring gear that he's stuck with. Throughout all of his matches so far, Punk has changed from long pants to shorts, and finally, to the classic trunks look. For being someone who always wrestled in WWE with trunks, it's been hard to figure out what his true attire will be in AEW.


During an interview with Abe Kanan of Rock 95.5 in Chicago, CM Punk spoke about his attire in AEW and why it's been so difficult to decide what to wear to the ring. The Best in the World spoke about his attire for his match at AEW Full Gear with Eddie Kingston and revealed why he wasn't a fan of that attire either.

"I didn't like the way they looked on me, they were a bad cut," Punk said. "I'm still struggling with how I look in gear and everything. That's a process, trying to find the right material and the right cut for trunks and for long boys. It's a process, man."

After leaving the WWE and taking 7 years off of professional wrestling, CM Punk had a brief two-fight stint with the UFC where the former WWE superstar, unfortunately, lost both fights in dominant fashion. While he was in the UFC, Punk fought at Welterweight (170 pounds) and spoke about the transition he had to make from his WWE days.


"The last few years of my career, I was probably 210ish, 220," Punk stated when talking about how much he weighed during his final years in WWE. "Something like that. I got a lot of loose skin [now], like a newborn puppy. That's what weight cutting does for you."


If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Abe Kanan of Rock 95.5 in Chicago with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.