WWE commentator Corey Graves and Carmella recently spoke with TMZ Live.

Graves opened up about his medical status and admitted to being cleared to compete again if he wants to. The former NXT star also revealed that he has got the itch to wrestle, and has been thinking about it.

“It’s crossed my mind. I went and spent some time with, with doctors over the past. Actually, in the middle of the last year, I kind of got the itch and I think this is one of the first times I’m saying this publicly. Yeah, I have been medically cleared to compete,” Corey Graves revealed. “It’s not an immediate goal of mine, it was just something that I, I needed to know that I needed to know for my own sanity.

My journey in the ring got cut short and it’s kind of eaten at me for years. Always wondering, ‘what if? What if there’s a chance? What if there’s an opportunity?’ And so I went and did the necessary steps. And turns out that I am a little more okay than I thought I was. But you never say never. It’s not an immediate goal, but I mean, you can’t ever take the wrestler out of my heart. So I’d be remiss if I didn’t have any interest.”

Corey Graves also looked ahead to his new reality series with Carmella, which will be launching on YouTube. He said that it has come as a happy accident, which actually began during the lockdown. He linked it all back to the podcast, stating things have gone upward since then.

“It was all kind of a series of happy accidents,” he admitted. “We were actually locked down, like most did in the world, during quarantine and one night we were having a few glasses of wine. She had decided, she said, ‘let’s wake up tomorrow morning and get on Instagram Live and do a morning show.’ And literally, for no other reason, but for our own entertainment. We were bored, as was most of the world. And we started doing it and we got a pretty, pretty decent amount of feedback. The viewership started growing over the course of a week or so.

“And our fans, who were watching every morning just us talk about nonsense. Drinking our coffee, talking about our day, what shows we watched. Because God knows; there wasn’t anything else happening in the world. Yeah and I’m sure some of the fans were the ones that started suggesting, ‘you guys should make a podcast. You should make a podcast.’ So we kicked it around for a while until it became a tangible goal. And the podcast started and it’s kind of been onward and upward since then.”

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