Corey Graves Has Apparently Been Cleared To Wrestle Longer Than Known

AAA star and Warrior Wrestling Lucha Champion Sam Adonis sat down with Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast to talk about his brother, WWE color commentator Corey Graves.

Graves recently was cleared to return to the ring after being retired for over seven years, and Sam Adonis revealed that Graves was cleared for a while before people found out. Adonis also said he'd like to team with his brother again.

"We've worked out for a while," Adonis said. "Every once in a while he comes to hang out with me and train with me and my girlfriend at the facility here in Pittsburgh. He's actually been cleared for a lot longer than anyone's ever known.  That came out right around Royal Rumble time. I sent him a text and I said 'if I find out you're in the Rumble and you didn't tell me, I'm going to be pissed." It is what it is.  He's so happy where he's at.  He loves WWE.

"I personally kind of hear both sides of the story. On the independents, you hear people talking terribly about WWE and their situation, but then I talk to my brother and he makes it sound like the best place on Earth.  So I'm unbiased to it.  I think he's very happy where he is at. I think he would love to perform again one day. I think if the opportunity presented itself, I'm sure he'd be happy to do it. But all I'm saying is that if he's going to do it one more time, I need to be in the ring with him because I would love to be able to team with him once or twice. Maybe take on The Briscoes or something like that."

Sam Adonis did admit however that, because his brother had been out of the ring for years, it had allowed Adonis to surpass his brother in skill. As such, it gives him an unfair advantage over his brother, and Adonis thinks it makes it tough to know how their current styles would mesh.

"We've always had a professional rivalry," Adonis said. "I don't know how well our styles would mesh at this point. I hate to say it, but in-ring-wise, my career has far surpassed his. Not ability, but just experience. He did well on the independents and did all that stuff. He had a really good run everywhere, but then he went to WWE, and essentially had the situation happen whereas my career has just kept on running.  If maybe we had the same amount of time and could compare that, maybe that's one thing, but I definitely have an unfair advantage because I've had five or six years extra on him in the ring."

Sam Adonis can next be seen Saturday at AAA's Rey de Reyes event. He will team with La Empresa teammates DMT Azul and Puma King to take on Cuatrero, Forastero and Sanson of Nuevo Generacion Dinamitas (NGD) and Hijo de LA Park, LA Park Jr. and lucha libre legend LA Park in a three way trios match.

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