Former WWE Announcer Returning To The Company

As noted earlier this week, longtime WWE Spanish announcer Carlos Cabrera will be leaving the company after nearly 30 years with the company. A report that followed after the release indicated that his age, 62, may have contributed to the decision.

It looks as though a former announcer will be taking over his role at the Spanish announce team's desk. Wrestling News is reporting that Jerry Soto has been re-hired by WWE. Soto was released back in November 2020 due to the ongoing budget cut releases occurring since COVID-19 first began.

Soto will work be working alongside Marcelo Rodriguez going forward.

Cabrera, age 62, had been the lead Spanish-language announcer for WWE since 1993, working with Savinovich from 1993-2011, and with Marcelo Rodriguez since 2011. His WWE departure is seen as a shocker because he is something of an icon to the Spanish-language community, viewed similarly as WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW announcer Jim Ross was to fans of a generation. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Cabrera worked as an award-winning newsman and radio personality and is seen as one of the most recognized radio and TV Spanish voices in the United States. He still does a lot of major commercial voiceover work.