During the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross revealed the one thing he’s always said to the person he’s working with while commentating on a wrestling show. Ross mentioned how important he believes it is to ask how the boss wants the show to go off the air and says he’s done that in every company he’s worked for.

“The thing I used to always ask [Bill] Watts, I ask Tony Khan, I used to ask this to Vince [McMahon], ‘how do you want it to sound when going off the air?’ Ross mentioned. “What points do you want me to make sure I nail as we leave the air? Because every booker should have a vision for the next chapter of the story they are writing, or booking, as they say in wrestling.”

At 70 years old, Jim Ross recently revealed that his AEW contract is coming to an end soon but doesn’t see himself working anywhere else but All Elite Wrestling. In the past, Ross has compared AEW to the Attitude Era, stating that the roster reminds him of that era and that the crowds are very “attitude era-esque”.

Speaking about his experience in AEW, Jim Ross mentioned how he’s truly loving his experience with the company and reliving some of the moments he’s experienced during his time in the Attitude Era.

“Live TV is so much fun,” Ross said. “I’m having a blast doing these shows because of the roster that Tony Khan has put together, it’s pretty damn extraordinary. I’m having as much fun calling these matches as I did… there’s Attitude Era moments where I feel totally engulfed in the show.

“I’m in another place and doing something I really, truly love. I had a big void after the Attitude Era, many years where I never got that feeling, it was gone but I still put my time in. But now with AEW and the talent we have, there’s so many young guys and the fans don’t know how much time I put in with these talents off-camera. So when I see somebody have a really good match, and it may have the small sprinkling of sauce from me as far as psychology.”

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