With both John Cena (Peacemaker) and The Rock (Black Adam) now part of the DC Extended Universe, Cena has welcomed the idea of his fellow WWE Legend appearing in the Peacemaker series on HBO Max.

“I’ll say the same thing every time with possibilities in the sort of universe… it would be an honor and a privilege to be able to perform with him,” Cena told People. “I think there still is a passionate marketplace that wants to see him in. But I’m sorry, man, that’s just not my choice so I don’t know. It’s so far beyond me. It’s beyond what I’m able to control.”

As noted earlier, Peacemaker was recently renewed for a second season. The show has garnered widespread critical acclaim, breaking the record for the biggest single-day release for an HBO Max Original series ever.

“Well, it’s a tremendous feeling [to be renewed for season 2],” John Cena admitted. “Any time you make something for the purpose of the entertainment of others, a lot of times, it’s a real tough balancing act. A lot of folks enjoy it and we got the traction we did on HBO Max and we get the audience we did, especially with social interaction, we had with Peacemaker, and that’s a really good feeling.”

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