Johnny Gargano On His Free Agency And Now Taking Bookings

Free agent Johnny Gargano has announced that he is now taking bookings.

As we've noted, Gargano left WWE when his contract expired back in December, and there's been a feeling that he would remain a free agent until after he and wife, WWE NXT Superstar Candice LeRae, welcomed their first child, which happened on February 17 when Quill Gargano was born.

In an update, Gargano took to Twitter today and published his contact information for potential appearances and business inquiries.

"I wanted to be a free agent at this time for a few reasons: 1) Candice & Quill 2) The freedom to selectively pick and choose the things I want to do for a bit. That said.. here's my contact for potential appearances, business inquiries, etc.," he wrote.

Gargano also joked about using Hotmail in 2022, writing, "I've been using Hotmail for over 15 years. I am nothing if not loyal."

There's been no update on Gargano having potential contract talks with WWE or AEW, but we will keep you updated. LeRae will likely be under contract to WWE through the spring of 2023.

Stay tuned for more on Gargano. You can see his full tweets below: