While his time as Karrion Kross in WWE was relatively short, Killer Kross was able to work or meet several WWE higher ups, including WWE President Nick Khan. At a Signed By Superstars event, Kross revealed that he met Khan at a WWE Smackdown event, and claimed that Khan was a fan of His.

“I met Nick Khan at one Smackdown,” Kross revealed. “He was very polite, said he was a fan of my work.”

Killer Kross also had positive things to say about WWE executive director Bruce Prichard. Kross said the two were always cool with each other and Prichard was always available for him.

“Fine,” Kross said. “He was always very cool with me, always very polite. Always available, any sort of feedback he ever felt like I needed, he gave to me. Super cool.”

Killer Kross went on to praise the WWE writing team as well, who he feels are unfairly maligned. Ultimately Kross prefers not to engage in saying anything negative, not wanting to potentially harm someone’s ability to make a living.

“This may be confusing to some people because there are certain conversations you have with people in the business that you just don’t repeat out of respect,” Kross said. “A coworker confides in you about something, you don’t talk about that. Your friends confide in you in something, it’s nobody’s business. But I had great relations, in my opinion, with the entire writing team on the main roster.

“I liked all of them, I thought they had great ideas. Sometimes when their ideas are pitched to you or you collaboratively come up with that kind of stuff, it goes through different chains of commands, and the idea for lack of better words, it mutates or becomes something else and then that’s what you see. I feel like the writers are the most abused people in the concept of why something is going wrong on television.

“I’m not going to sit here and propose where the blame shouldn’t go. I’m just not going to get into that conversation or like whose fault it is. I like to keep wrestling positive. I don’t engage in toxic conversations, especially about the industry. If I ever had anything negative or derogatory to say, I would never.  I’m not going to heed on somebody’s ability to make a living even if I don’t like them. So that’s generally my stance, all things in life.”

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