Lince Dorado Recalls What He Told WWE Before Requesting His Release

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, his first interview since his release from WWE, luchador Lince Dorado talked about signing a deal with multiplatform entertainment company Masked Republic. With a relationship dating back to before he even signed with WWE, Lince Dorado feels that together, he and Masked Republic can help build up lucha libre as two entities that understand it.


"They're a lucha libre company that understands lucha libre, but it's much more than that," Dorado said. "They understand culture; they understand marketing. They trust there is something in me, and I trust that there's something in them that will elevate both of us. We have the potential to take over the entire lucha libre market."

Lince Dorado then got candid about his release from WWE, which he confirmed he asked for alongside Lucha House Party teammate Mascara Dorada (Gran Metalik). Dorado bemoaned WWE's inability to understand what being a luchador meant and how they pigeonholed him as a high flyer who couldn't do anything else.

"Before I asked for my release, I remember telling the WWE office 'if this is the best you have for us, it isn't enough,'" Dorado revealed. "We spent weeks, months and years presenting something that wasn't stereotypical, that wasn't generic. I had six years there total, and by the third year, I saw my glass ceiling, and I was so determined to break it. They understood I was a luchador, but they didn't understand the story or the motive or the creative thought that went into being a luchador. All they saw was 'this is just a guy in a mask that does incredible things.'


"One of the things we told Vince McMahon was that wrestling, for us, was the easy part. We wanted to be superstars. And I didn't want to be WWE's Spanish star. I wanted to be represented as a WWE star who happened to have Latino culture and background. But they saw me only as a high-flyer. I knew I could be so much more, and that's what I am working to become."

While Lince Dorado pointed out he got along with WWE higher ups Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis and Michael Hayes, he pointed out there was a disconnect between what Dorado views as lucha libre and what WWE thought of it as. As such, despite leaving a ton of money on the table, Dorado realized he needed more.

"There were no layers to my character in WWE, so there is so much for me to show," Dorado said. "I had great rapport with Vince, John Laurinaitis and Michael Hayes; the problem was a disconnect between what they thought about lucha libre and what we all know about lucha libre. I hate quitting, but I left with two years left on my contract. I left behind more money than I'll ever see the rest of my life, but I've been poor. I've been broke, I've been homeless, I've been in the street, I've been in the ghetto, and I survived. I'll survive without WWE, too. I want more, and I need more."