Matt Hardy Gives Insight Into Bizarre WWE House Show Exit By Jeff Hardy

In a Q&A episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, AEW star Matt Hardy was asked about the possibility of him wrestling his brother, Jeff Hardy, in a singles match somewhere down the road. For all intents and purposes, Matt Hardy indicated the days of him and his brother wrestling each other have come and gone.

"The days of Matt and Jeff Hardy going head to head, they're probably done," Hardy said. "We're teammates, we're not opponents."

Matt Hardy was also asked about how his brother, who was released from WWE in December of 2021, was doing as he waits for his 90-day noncompete clause to end. He also shed some light on what happened in Jeff Hardy's last WWE match.

"He's good," Hardy said. "When he wants to share this story, he will I'm sure. But I mean, he ended up being exhausted after driving all night, he was on late in the dark Smackdown, the last match. They had a 300 miles plus drive and he got in early in the morning and then he had a family emergency and then he was up early.

"I think he was just exhausted and shot and probably beat up at the same time. And he was also very stressed out from his WWE job as well, you know? I think for him sometimes, he kinda gets in his head. Especially if he's alone on the road and whatnot. I think it's better with me there too. I think he feels a little more comfortable because he really can get in his own head."

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